Monday, January 30, 2017

What's Happening This Week : 03/06/17 – 03/17/17

Project 3 P.S.A. Projects

3/6:  Finish watching Copyright presentations/REVIEW FOR TEST
Discuss PSA projects/PSA PROJECT HAND OUT/ Student PSA Examples
3/7:  Vocab test on commercial terms & script
abbreviations – Get in Groups for PSA Project – select topic for PSA. Begin researching.
3/8:  HOW TO BE MORE CREATIVE IN THE WORK FORCE.  Research & Script - present psa example
3/9:  Research & Finish Script
3/10:  Groups done Scripting may begin recording
3/14:  Continue recording PSA’s
3/15:  Begin editing
3/16:  Finish editing by end of period and turn in
3/17:  Watch, critique and discuss projects.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

This semesters project's

Students shall accomplish the above standards by working on the following projects:

Lesson 1:  VIDEOGRAPHER’S REPERTOIRE/CAMERA SHOTS PROJECT - Students will work in groups to videotape examples of the 6 shots in a videographer’s repertoire as they familiarize themselves with the editing software and cameras.

Lesson 2: COMMERCIAL PRODUCTION - Students will work in groups, choose a product and create a commercial for it.  It can be a real product or made up one.  The commercial must persuade their audience to purchase the product and should be :30 - :60 seconds long.

Lesson 3:  COPYRIGHT RESEARCH PROJECT – Students will research a copyright infringement case, look for images and put together a presentation about the case. 

Lesson 4: PSA Project - Students will choose partners to work together with on a public service announcement..  They will choose a topic from a list provided to them.  Together they will research the topic, write, conduct interviews, videotape and edit their public service announcement..

Lesson 5 Talk Show – Students will work on a talk show video format.  They will have to come up with a topic and interview a fellow classmate on the topic.   

Lesson 6 News Story - Students will conduct an on-camera interview of one of their classmates and include b-roll shot by students or photos that support the story then edit the interview in i-Movie -  or students may do a news story about something going on in school and conduct interviews and shoot b-roll or photos to support the story.

Lesson 7 Music Video - Students produce a music video to a school appropriate song.  Students will work in groups and incorporate techniques learned throughout the semester to create a longer format video.

Lesson 8 ( If time allows) Short Movie – Students will write a short movie at least 2 minutes in length, then shoot the video for their movie and edit it.