Monday, January 30, 2017

What's Happening This Week : 03/06/17 – 03/17/17

Project 3 P.S.A. Projects

3/6:  Finish watching Copyright presentations/REVIEW FOR TEST
Discuss PSA projects/PSA PROJECT HAND OUT/ Student PSA Examples
3/7:  Vocab test on commercial terms & script
abbreviations – Get in Groups for PSA Project – select topic for PSA. Begin researching.
3/8:  HOW TO BE MORE CREATIVE IN THE WORK FORCE.  Research & Script - present psa example
3/9:  Research & Finish Script
3/10:  Groups done Scripting may begin recording
3/14:  Continue recording PSA’s
3/15:  Begin editing
3/16:  Finish editing by end of period and turn in
3/17:  Watch, critique and discuss projects.

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